Melbourne Birth Photographer & Business Assistant

I give you back time and memories by supporting your journey of growth & transformation in life & business.

Preserving your Memories. Illuminating your Story. Supporting your Legacy.


From Melbourne to all across the globe, I support you in life and business in person and virtually.

Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenthood- you don’t stop growing and neither does your business.

Imagine somebody who could support your through all of it?

Meet Kathleen

What would you like support with?

I know how hard it is to run a business whilst growing a whole human…

In fact, it’s exactly where and how I started mine.

32 weeks pregnant, with a toddler at home. I was preparing mentally, emotionally and physically to home birth my second baby  whilst in the throes of birthing my business- Abloom & Co. Virtual Assistant Services.

With the mental and emotional support from my Doula and Birth Photographer, Private Midwives and Foundational Self-Care Practices, my business absolutely flourished. I literally pulled together a village to help support me in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and it was PRICELESS.

I felt so much ease in this transformational time and I know that you can too. The space that was held for me by my Birth Photographer and Doula helped facilitate my smooth transition into life with two under two and a business. And it got me thinking, how much MORE ease would I have continued to feel if I had also planned for this space to be held in my business?

A unicorn combination of Birth Photography AND Business Assistance? That doesn’t exi….Oh yes, it does now. And it’s exactly how the new phase of my support was born.

An offering that supports the thinkers, the questioners, the healers, the families, the mothers, the fathers, the people who tirelessly integrate their business, their life and parenthood each and every day.

People exactly like you.

A Business Doula and Photographer? Thats me, Kathleen Amy


Document Your Birth Melbourne Birth Photography


Melbourne Birth Photographer homebirth waterbirth birth photography by Kathleen Amy

Birth & Documentary Photography

I am here to illustrate your unparalleled journey into and through parenthood. Illuminating your strengths for you as you uncover your own power.

Melbourne Business Assistant Kathleen Amy

Business Doula Business Assistance

Virtual and in person. Let me nurture your business through your pregnancy, maternity leave and through parenthood so you can focus on what matters to you. Nurturing your business and you during one of lifes most transformative times.


Not in Melbourne?

Can’t access a Birth Photographer?

You can still document your story and have it lovingly curated and professionally edited for you.

Melbourne Caesarean Birth Photography by Melbourne Birth Photographer Kathleen Amy

My exclusive DIY Birth Photography package is for birthing people who may not be able to have me or a Birth Photographer at their birth.

I know how powerful Birth Photography is. It is a potent visual tool to reflect, remember, reconnect and reclaim you and your babies birth.

I want you to have access to this regardless of our current climate or your circumstances. 

Love notes from the amazing humans I have worked with…

Most of my clients are small business owners themselves in some fashion. So anytime I have to opportunity, I always use my clients businesses to support them financially like they supported me.
It has never been a mistake doing this. Working with Kat is easy, fun and productive. My stuff is always done in a timely manner for my business and Kat basically reads my mind. She’s a process maker not a task doer. Which is essential for my business and my personal life- of which she manages both. As a mum to 5 and 2 six figure businesses, having Kat is a non-negotiable.”


A unicorn combination of Business Assistance AND Photography?

That doesn’t exi….

Oh yes, it does now.

In birth and business- you are a force. You know what to do. You know what needs to be done. You know how powerful you are. All you want is for someone to hold that space and shine your light back onto yourself when you need it most.

I am here to illuminate your strengths and illustrate your power. A Photographer and Assistant for all stages of your journey. Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenthood- you don’t stop growing and neither does your business. Imagine somebody who could support your through all of it?

A business assistant AND birth photographer? Oh yes I did.

In the transformative journey that is pregnancy, birth and parenthood, it is so important that you are nurtured and loved. And if you are a passionate business owner like me, you want exactly the same for your business.

I know this because I was there. In pregnancy and birth my Doula and Birth Photographer held space and literally and metaphorically illuminated my own power. I was loved up postpartum with nourishing foods and could reflect on my birth experience through the powerful birth imagery captured by her. When I struggled I knew the village I had created was there to hold me.

Then it hit me. In the middle of what felt like a 100 hour breastfeeding marathon, that email ping. You know the one. An important email that I needed to respond to. I knew what to do, I knew what needed to be done, and I literally did not have the time or space to do it. When it came to my business I longed for someone who could nurture my business baby whilst I nurtured my real life human baby!

I LOVED my business and it just wasn’t getting the nurturing it deserved. I needed a Virtual Assistant. I needed a ME. Someone who knew me. Someone who could nurture my clients just how they nurtured me. If only my Doula could Doula my business and clients  too!

This is what I do. Your Melbourne Business Doula and Photographer. An assistant for all stages of your life journey.

Document Your Birth Melbourne Birth Photography
Melbourne Birth Photography Image by Lacey Barratt

Hey there!
I am so glad you’re here. My name is Kathleen. Birth nerd, admin nerd and photography nerd- What a combo! I know and have experienced the power of creating a village of support and I believe strongly in YOU and your innate power in this transformational time. I am here to illuminate your strengths and illustrate your power. I am here to give you back time so that you can focus on what matters most to you. I am here to nourish and support you in your life and business.

Image by Lacey Barratt Photography

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International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Melbourne Birth Photographer Kathleen Amy
Exposing Birth Photography with Lacey Barratt Melbourne Birth Photography
Doula Network Australia Member Melbourne Postpartum Doula and Melbourne Birth Photographer
Dynamo Doula Angela Gallo Dynamo Doula Angel Phoenix Arsenal Melbourne Birth Photographer
I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work, those of the Taungurung and Wurundjeri People. I pay my respects to their rich cultures and to Elders past, present and future.